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Library Handbook: Access To MCNY Digital Resources

Guide to the circulation, account, and library use policies of the MCNY Library.

Access To MCNY Databases

  • Authorized Users
    • Only current MCNY students, faculty and staff, with a valid MCNY IT assigned usernamed and password, can access MCNY Library's online subscription databases.
  • Students
    • Students must access MCNY Library databases by using their Moodle username (NOT the IQMail username.
    • Moodle usernames typically take the form of [full first name].[full last name]. e.g. joseph.smith.
    • Look up your username and password here.
  • Faculty/Staff
    • MCNY Faculty and Staff must access MCNY Library databases using their MCNY network log-in (used for campus computers and email).
  • Terms of Use
    • All MCNY users are instructed to adhere to the legal terms of use of each database.
  • Database Links and Descriptions

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Linking To Library Resources

  • If you would like to directly link to an article or report found in a library database, your link MUST have 2 parts. If you use just the link provided by the database, your students will not be able to access the content from off campus.
  • First part: The library “proxy server”. This website is the gatekeeper that validates current MCNY students, faculty and staff for subscription database access. That link looks like this:
  • After url= comes the second part: the link from the database. DO NOT USE the link in your browser’s address bar; this is unique to the search you did to find the article. Instead, find the “Share” or “Permalink” option.
  • Sometimes this will already include our proxy server; other times it won’t. If it does not, add in front of it.
  • A fully accessible database permalink should look something like this:
  • However, each database is a little different.
  • If you need assistance, please contact Emma Moore ( ).

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Guide To Installation and Use