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Library Handbook: Placing A Hold

Guide to the circulation, account, and library use policies of the MCNY Library.

Instructions For Placing a Hold

Log-In To Your MCNY Library Account

Away from the library, looking for a book, and want to make sure the book's there when you get back to campus? Solution: PLACE A HOLD!

What's a hold?

A "hold" is an electronic request for the library to put a certain book aside for you.

This is especially useful if you want the next chance at a book that is currently checked out.

To place a hold, look up the book you want in the library search, and see if it's Available:

Click on the title, and you'll see more information about the book, plus a few handy buttons!

Click Place Hold, and then Submit:

And you're all set! You have ONE WEEK to pick up your holds from the Library, though, or we put them back on the shelf.

Are you a Bronx Student? If you see a book that lives in Manhattan, but you don't want to come all the way downtown, don't worry!

Just go to the Pickup Location menu and choose Bronx Library:

Plus, use Set Hold Schedule to tell us when you no longer need the book, freeing it up for other people to use.

You can also use this procedure with books that have been checked out, so you get first crack at them when they're returned!  It's called a Recall, and it works the exact same way!


If you have additional questions, ask the Librarians!