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How to Research Your NYC Community District: Health & Hospitals

EpiQuery: NYC Interactive Health Data

EpiQuery: NYC Interactive Health Data, includes data on community health, child health, communicable diseases HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Environment and Health Data Portal

Environmental & Health Data Portal — view environmental and health profiles of NYC neighborhoods.

Source: Environmental & Health Data Portal

NYC Health Maps

NYC Department of Health Map Gallery Includes Community Health Profiles Atlas and Health Survey Atlas.

NYC Mosquito Control Map

NYC Mosquito Control Map from NYC Department of Health. They trap adult mosquitoes to find out where mosquitoes are, and test the adult mosquitoes to check if they have Zika or West Nile viruses.


Hospitals in Your Community District

At the top of your Community District Profile, locate the Projects and Resources icon:

Scroll down for the Selected Facilities and Program Sites, like this one for Bronx CB #1.