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How to Research Your NYC Community District: Community: Parks, organizations, business & firehouses


 NYCity Map (works best on Safari). Use the advanced bar on the top right, choose Community District on the pulldown menu, and then choose your CD. Click on “show additional data on map” on the bottom right. If you check off the icons on the right and they will display on your map. Hover over them for details. 

NYC Service

NYC Service Database of civic organizations and community-based groups throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Community Board Websites may list Civic Orgs

Your Community Board website may list local civic organizations, like this one and this one.

Statement of Community District Needs

At the top of your Community District Profile, locate the Projects and Resources icon:

Scroll down for the Statement of Community District Needs, like this one for Queens CB #1.

The FDNY: Locations and Information

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Environment & the Community

Business Information