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How to Research Your NYC Community District: Home

This is a Guide to Resources for Researching your Community District

About Community Boards

  • Each Community District has a Community Board serving as the local representative board of city gov’t
  • 59 community boards in NYC.
  • Each has up to 50 unsalaried members, appointed by borough president.
  • Has committees, holds monthly meetings and public hearings.
  • Plays advisory role in issues involving community welfare, including city budget.
  • District manager (salaried position) appointed by board.

Source: Mayor's Community Affairs Unit, About Community Boards


Community Data Portal

NYC Community Data Portal is a gateway to community district profiles, which include data for a CD, community statements of need, and projects and proposals in the CD.


Subject Guide

CD Population Data From Census

This icon at the top of a Community District Profile links to demographic data like race and age, as well housing, economic, and social data for a CD.