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Resources for Legal Research : Evaluating Internet Resources


Wikipedia describes itself as "the free encyclopedia anyone can edit."  Read Wikipedia's ever-growing list of disclaimers--"Wikipedia Makes No Guarantee of Validity."  It's not a good idea to rely on the information you find here--you can use it to start your research, but never quote from it in a research paper.

Internet Archive

Evaluating Websites

Factors to look for in evaluating websites include

  • Authority
  • Objectivity
  • Timeliness
  • Currency
  • Coverage
  • Appearance

Invisible Web Resources

  • Google and Yahoo are estimated to cover only 3% to 34% of documents available on the Internet
  • Much Internet exists as the "Invisible Web", hidden from search engines for a number of reasons:
  • Site requires registration
  • Site is fee-based or licensed
  • Site is behind a firewall or on an intranet
  • Site is dynamically generated
  • Check for content on invisible web

Search Engines