Library Handbook: Your Library Account

Guide to the circulation, account, and library use policies of the MCNY Library.

What You Can Do Online

This pages details the Library user account linked to your MCNY ID card. Access to online databases is separate, through the use of of your Moodle username and password.

Using your MCNY ID number and PIN, you can:

  • See when your books are due
  • Renew one book
  • Renew all your books
  • Place a hold on a particular book
  • Review whether there are outstanding fines attached to your record.

Please note that your library privilege expires at the end of each semester. You can extend it by visiting the library in person and presenting your valid MCNY ID.

Placing A Hold

What's a hold?

A "hold" is an electronic request for the library to put a certain book aside for you.

This is especially useful if you want the next chance at a book that is currently checked out.

To place a hold, look up the book you want in the catalog, and click the "Place Hold" link on the left-hand side of the screen:

Enter the same information that you used to log in to your library account:

Click Place Hold, and you're set!

Where To Access Your Account

Once you register in person at the MCNY library, you can also log-in online to check your due dates, renew your books, and place holds.

Log-In To Your MCNY Library Account

(click on the My Account link once the page loads)

*Your barcode = the ID number on your MCNY student/faculty/staff ID.

*Your PIN number= the 4-digit number you chose when you registered.

*Forgot your PIN? Just want to check your account status? Contact the MCNY Library staff at 212-343-1234, ext. 2001.

Checking Your Due Dates & Renewing Your Books

When logging in to your MCNY Library user account, you have several options, all available by clicking on My Account:

Change My Address: If you've moved, or changed your email/phone number, let us know here.

Review My Account: You can review all of your due dates at once, and see whether you're accumulating library fines:

Renew My Materials: If you've only checked out your books once, this gives you the opportunity to "renew" them, or check them out for another 30 days. (However, if someone else has requested the book, the system will prevent you from renewing that book.)

Just check the boxes for the books you want to renew, and click "Renew Selected Items".

And you're good to go!