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Labor Movements: Websites

*Adopted from the Tamiment Library (NYU) Guide to Labor History, by Kate Donovan

General Labor Info - Links

Best of History Websites
Annotated links to over 1200 history websites.

Labor History Links
A comprehensive bibliography of information, documents and links of U.S. labor history sites developed by the Labor and Working Class History Association.

The Union Movement's Proud Past
Information from the AFL-CIO's website, including biographies of labor leaders, timeline of labor history milestones, labor history links, and more.

Online Exhibits

Labor & The Holocaust: The JLC and the Anti-Nazi Struggle
A portfolio of a hundred photographs and documents from the Tamiment Library's Jewish Labor Committee Collection.

Labor Arts
A virtual museum that gathers, identifies, and displays images of the cultural artifacts of working people and their organizations. 

Labor Trail: Chicago
Interactive map showcasing Chicago's history of working class life and struggle.

Lost Labor: Images of Vanished American Workers 1900-1980
155 photographs documenting America's business and industrial history.

NYC Labor History Map
A joint project between the New York Labor History Archives and the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, this web-based map builds on previous research published by the New York Labor History Archives and enables users to explore, by location or date, key events in the city’s labor history.


Sam Reiss: An Eye Witness to Labor History, 1948-1975
A selection of images from the Sam Reiss photograph collection at the Tamiment Library providing a visual history of the labor movement in New York City.


Triangle Factory Fire Exhibit
An excellent online exhibit that includes most of the Triangle Fire-related resources available at Cornell University's Kheel Center.

Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection
An interpretive online exhibit examining the historical and cultural context of the the Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection at the Labor Archives of Washington State, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.

Images from top to bottom:
Untitled [Factory scene inspired by Mayfried Odner], [1930]. Bernard Baruch Zakheim. Labor Arts, Scenes From American Labor.
NYC Labor History Map, NY Labor History Archives & Tamiment Library, NYU.
Demonstration against sale of imports at Bloomingdale's Department Store, 1975. Sam Reiss. Sam Reiss: An Eye Witness to Labor History, 1948-1975.
The Asch Building, [1911]. The Triangle Factory Fire, Fire! 5780 P box 39 ff15f

Digital Labor Collections

California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO:  Proceedings and Publications
Proceedings, legislative voting records, selected publications of the CIO, and California AFL-CIO News from the collections of UC Berkeley.

Eugene V. Debs Collection
A guide to the holdings at Indiana State University related to Debs (
1855-1926), union leader and founding member of the International Labor Union and IWW, and five time U.S. presidential candiate on the Socialist Party ticket.   

Emma Goldman Papers
The Emma Goldman Papers Project at UCB has collected, organized, and edited tens of thousands of documents from around the world by and about Emma Goldman (1869-1940), a leading figure in American anarchism, feminism, and radicalism.

Samuel Gompers Papers
Gompers was president of the American Federation of Labor for almost forty years, between 1886 and 1924, and the nation's leading trade unionist and labor spokesman. This is the home of the Papers Project and includes selected documents, a bibliography, an index, microfilm reel guides, and assorted subject guides.

Lucy Parsons Center
An online educational resource designed to publicize the life of  Parsons and the struggles she championed.

Pennsylvania Labor Legacy
The site, from the University of Pittsburgh, strives to “map” the historical terrain of the labor movement in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and includes documents sets and an overview of the labor movement.

Milton Rogovin
Photographs and other resources related to the social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin (1909-1911).  Rogovin took up photography after his career as an optomitrist ended when he was blacklisted in the 1950s.

University of Washington's Labor Archives Digital Resources Portal
The site includes hundreds of photos, articles and printed ephemera relating to the history of labor in Washington state, arranged in five sections:

Fred Wright Labor Cartoons
“Drawing on the American Labor Movement,” a collection of ca. 177 cartoons from the collections of the University of Pittsburgh.

Topical Links

Remember the Triangle Coalition
The Coalition is spearheading the creation of commemorative events, including activism, education, and art, for the centennial of fire that took place on March 25, 1911. The site includes a bibliography of books, films, and other resources,  an events calendar, and lesson plans and educational sites. 

Labor Organizations


American Labor Studies Center
A non-profit organization that collects, analyzes, evaluates, creates and disseminates labor history and labor studies curricula and related materials to educators nationwide. Includes links to labor-related sites and information.

Canada: Working Histories
A portal for labour and working-class history resources in Canada.

Canadian Committee for Labour History
Electronic access to Labor/Le Travail, book and video lists and links to sites relevant to Canadian labour history.  

Farmworker Movement Documentation Project
Oral histories, timeline, essays, archives, photographs, online exhibits and additional primary source materials documenting the activities of volunteers who worked with Cesar Chavez to build his farmworker movement between 1962 and 1993.

Illinois Labor History Society
Information and sources related to the history of labor in Illinois.

International Association of Labour History Institutions
Members include the Tamiment Library, Cornell, George Meany Center, and the Hoover Institution in the United States, and dozens more around the world. Site includes useful labor history links.  

International Institute of Social History, Netherlands
Link to virtual libraries for labor history and women's labor history along with other resources and connect to 

Jewish Labor Committee
An independent secular nonprofit organization that connects the Jewish community with the labor movement. The JLC website includes a labor links section and bibliography.

Labor and Working-Class History Association
An organization of scholars, union members, students and citizens promoting a wider understanding of the history of working class people, their communities, and their organizations in the United States.

Labor Unions and Organizations (U.S.) Web Archive
Contains periodically archived websites of New York City metropolitan area Labor Unions, especially those whose records are held by the Tamiment Library's Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives (designated by the New York City Central Labor Council as the official repository for their member unions' records).

New York Labor History Association
Dedicated to making the history of workers, their organizations, and their struggles in New York State a vital and ever-present part of our culture.  

A link to the Unions page in this LibGuide.

U.S. Department of Labor
Current information on employment, unemployment, wages, laws, legislation, and more.

Images from left to right:
International Labor Defense. Tamiment Library.
Women at Work. US Department of Labor. Tamiment Library.
Textile Workers of America at Jobs Rally [1975]. Sam Reiss. Sam Reiss: An Eye Witness to Labor History, 1948-1975.
Untitled [Cigar workers in a factory loft], 1918. Private Collection. Photo ID #: 24013