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APA Citation Style: Title Page


Below are the rules of format for an APA-title page. However, your professor may want you to include different elements in your title page such as a class name and number or the due date.  Always check with your professor first - your professor is always the final authority.

See below for a picture image of a title page.

Typeface (Font)

  • Times New Roman
  • 12-point
  • Font for tables can be sans-serif (such as Arial) but still in a size of 12-point


  • Double-spaced - including title, headings, footnotes, quotations, references, and figure captions, an all text lines of the manuscript


  • 1-inch margins at the top, bottom, right and left of every page


  • Do not justify the right margin (make the right margin even); for text use flush left
  • Do not divide words at the end of a line (do not use hyphenation)

Title Page

  • Title - should be concise; capitalize major words, but not minor ones
  • Running head - the running head is an abbreviated title that is printed at the top of the pages of a manuscript and should be no longer than 50 characters (including spaces and punctuation)
  • Author byline - your name (first name, middle intial, last name); if writing with other students, their names as well
  • Institutional affiliation - University of Northern Colorado
  • Page number - on the title page, it will be 1

Visual Image of Title Page

Title Page