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What about Wikipedia? : About

What is Wikipedia and why can't I cite it? This guide discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia articles and how Academia can improve the accuracy of this source.

Being Smart about Wikipedia

About this Guide

Mention Wikipedia within the walls of acadamia, and you’ll find a hornets nest of opinions, ranging from zeolous enthusaism  to the mildly apocalyptic.,"that’s no surprise" according to,    "the web site, available for free and developed by an army of volunteers, raises questions that lie at the heart of scholarship and inquiry. What is the value of expertise? Who owns knowledge? Should we trust the “wisdom of crowds” or fear the mob?"

In this guide we'll discuss what Wikipedia is and what isn't; why we don't consider Wikipedia to be a scholarly source appropriate for college level work but how you can use is effectively as a jumping off point for your research.      

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