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Using MCNY Materials On Your Mobile Device: Home

A guide to accessing MCNY e-books and e-journal articles through smartphones and tablet computers.

Getting Started

To support the College's many programs, the MCNY Library has a diverse collection of information resources. Some of these are the books you can see on shelves, and behind the circulation desks. But many more are purely electronic. Some are 'eBooks', electronic versions of the books you're used to;  you may have these viewed on your home computer, or computers in the library. Others are articles, digital versions of pieces from journals, magazines, and trade publications. You may have found these with the help of a librarian, or printed them out on paper.

But did you know?

Now, thanks to the rapidly developing pace of technology, you can read an eBook or skim a journal article nearly anywhere. You just need a smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android device, and a few apps, like the ones you may already use to find a pizza place or check your Facebook.

This guide will lead you through the steps to set up the apps and accounts you need to read MCNY Library content on the go!

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