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The US Census: Bronx Hard-To-Count Census Tracts

A Research guide created to help you learn about the Census and locate Census resources.

The Bronx: Hard-To-Count Census Tracts

What Is a "Hard-To-Count" Census Tract?

Find Out What Census Tract You Live In

*Find out what Census tract you live in by entering your address in the link.

*To practice, enter Lehman College's address: 250 Bedford Pk Blvd W, Bronx, NY

Answer the following questions for the Lehman College Census tract. Then look up your address, find your Census tract data, and compare with Lehman College.

  1. What Census tract is Lehman College in?
  2. How many people currently live in this Census tract?
  3. How many households are in this Census tract?
  4. What was the response rate in this Census tract for 2010?
  5. What percentage of households did not respond to the 2010 Census?
  6. Is this Census tract considered "Hard-To-Count"? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  7. How many households are projected to respond to the 2020 Census questionnaire?
  8. How will this Census tract be considered in 2020?


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