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Impact of Disaster on Communities: Home

This research guide is designed to help with research that requires you to create a community profile and to identify vulnerable populations and possible hazards.

Assessing Communities

Your Assignment

Impact of Disaster on Cultures & Communities: Final Project*

Create a document with a detailed community analysis of your assigned City Council District:

1.The analysis must include:

  • The identification of primary communities within your district;
  • The identification of the three most vulnerable populations or communities within your district; include justification;
  • The identification of two (2) hazards that have the highest risk of occuring within your assigned community; include justification.

2. Create a presentation that makes recommendations for a community preparedness project, that promotes community resilience for one of your identified vulnerable populations. Develop your presentation from the point of view of an Emergency Manager, with only five minutes to present their plan for a community resilience project to the City Council Member.

*Gail Wolsk, MPA 511 Syllabus. August, 2014                                                                        



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