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National Health Education Week (NHEW): Home

The Community Health program honors National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week

Observed on the third full week of October, National Health Education Week (NHEW) promotes health education and the role it plays in keeping us strong. The Society for Public Health Education co-sponsors the week along with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The theme for this year's NHEW is Gateway to the Future: The Power of Health Education & Promotion.

Sponsored by the  Society for Public Health and Education


MCNY's Community Health program will celebrate the day with an event featuring four speakers:

    Adele Weiner - What Community Health Educators Do, Where They Work and Employment Projections
    Barbra Talley  - Cultural Aspects of Community Health Education.
    Michael G. Williams - A Demonstration of Competence in Community Health Education 
    Desiree Robinson - The Role of Community Health Education In Today’s Social Justice Movements

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