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LibX 2.0 For MCNY: Overview

A guide to installing and using the the LibX 2.0 browser add-on, which allows quick search and easy access to MCNY Library resources.

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What is LibX? Why Is It Useful?

Add-on: a piece of software which modifies another software program (such as a web browser), allowing users to do additional tasks with that program.

The MCNY Library: a source for books, articles, and other materials that you can use to complete your class work or read for fun.

LibX 2.0 for MCNY: an add-on for Firefox and/or Chrome that allows you to conveniently search for MCNY resources right in your web browser!


Created by librarians and programmers at Virginia Tech, LibX creates a library toolbar putting many quick library tasks right at your fingertips. This guide will help you explore many of the useful functions LibX can provide.

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