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Microsoft Office: Arranging & Printing

Professional Docs

Create a document based on a Microsoft Word 2007 template
1. Navigate to the Microsoft Office 2007 button and display the New Documents task pane  
2. In the Templates area of the New Document task pane, navigate to the ‘Microsoft Office Online’ heading.
3. Click the tab that contains the type of document you want to create (e.g., flyers; resumes and cvs; faxes…)
4. Links to options within the category may appear (e.g., Basic resumes; job-specific resumes…)
5. Click on the link for the category that best suits your needs or double-click on the thumbnail of the template that meets your needs
6. Some templates may need to download from Microsoft Office Online’s template library

Save a document as a template
1. Click the Microsoft Office 2007 button menu and select Save As
2. In the Save In box, choose the location where you will save the template
3. In the File name box, type a name for the template
4. Click the down arrow to the right of the Save as type box and click
Document Template

Add a text watermark
1. In the Page Layout tab, left-click once on the word, Watermark within the Page Background group
2. The Watermark menu of options will expand
3. There are standard watermarks (e.g., Draft; Confidential) and you can create a custom Watermark by clicking on the option for ‘Custom Watermark’
4. For a custom watermark, you can insert a picture watermark from a file that resides on your internal hard drive or an external storage device such as a disk or a flash stick.
5. In the Printed Watermark dialog box (within the Custom Watermark option), you can select to make changes to the transparency of the watermark, color, and font of text watermarks. In the picture option, to create a more vibrant picture (watermark), uncheck the Washout check box.

Print Set Up

Preview how a document will look before printing it
1.  Click the Microsoft Office 2007 button to expand its menu of options
2.  Scroll down to Print and a sub-menu will expand to the right
3.  On the submenu, select Print Preview to view
4.  Click the Close Preview red button to close out of Print Preview 

Zoom in and out in Print Preview
1.  Position the Magnifying Glass pointer over the document, click to zoom
in and click again to zoom out (within the Print Preview view)

Adjust page margins or orientation
1.  Within the Page Layout tab, navigate to the Page Setup box
2.  In the Orientation area, click the icon for the orientation you want
3.  Click OK 

Print a document with the default print settings
1.  Within the Microsoft Office button, navigate to the Print option for which  a menu will expand – from the second option for Quick Print, left click once to print
Print an envelope 
1. Select the Mailings tab point to Envelopes and click the icon for Envelopes
2.  The Envelopes and Labels dialog box will pop open
3.  Type the delivery and return address (if applicable) and make any other necessary selections
4.  Click Print (after you feed the printer with the envelope)

Print a label 
1. Select the Mailings tab point to Create grouping and click the icon for labels
2.  The Envelopes and Labels dialog box will pop open
3.  Select the Options button to choose the type of labels (i.e., Avery)
4.  Click Print (after you feed the printer with the label sheets)


Final Touches

Insert a header and/or footer
1.  Within the Insert tab, navigate to the Header and Footer group
2.  Select either the Header and/or Footer options, by clicking on their respective icons
3.  Type the text you want to appear in the header and/or footer
4.  Press ESC on your keyboard to exit the header (or footer) of the document and return to the main body of the document.

Insert and format page numbers
1.  On the Insert tab’s Header and Footer group, click Page Numbers
2.  Specify the Position and Alignment settings
3.  Click the Format button
4.  Click the down arrow to the right of the Number Format box and click the number format you want
5.  Select any other options you want to apply and then click OK
6.  Click OK

Insert a page break
1.  Click to select the Insert tab
2.  Within the Insert tab, navigate to the Pages group
3.  Click Page break option is selected and then click OK