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LibX 2.0 For MCNY: Putting Your Library In Your Google: LibX Research Mode

A guide to installing and using the the LibX 2.0 browser add-on, which allows quick search and easy access to MCNY Library resources.

LibX Research Mode: What It Is And How It Works

LibX puts you always just a click away from searching the library, tucked safely in the corner of your web browser. Whenever you think of searching the MCNY Library, it is there for your convenience.

But what about those times when you don't think of searching the library first? What about the times you go straight to Google? Well, thanks to a great feature called Research Mode, LibX can also bring library results to you!

Once you install LibX, the next time you go to Google's page, you'll notice an extra button just under the search box:

That tells you LibX research mode is on and ready to go. Next, just do a Google search like you usually do.
You'll see a page of Internet results, but you'll also see another box, on the top right corner of the web page:

While you searched Google, LibX also searched our library catalog for you. And if you click "Click here to view Results", you'll discover a whole set of books, e-books and journal articles that are relevant to what you're searching for:

Each one of those results represents a trusted resource selected for you by the MCNY Librarians, which could be valuable to your paper, CA, or other research project.