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LibX 2.0 For MCNY: Autolinking: Follow The Cues

A guide to installing and using the the LibX 2.0 browser add-on, which allows quick search and easy access to MCNY Library resources.

Finding and Using LibX Autolinks

Once you've installed LibX, you'll see another great feature whenever you go to places like Amazon, or Wikipedia.  Just look for the small MCNY:

next to book or article titles.

You can find them in Amazon:

Or Wikipedia:

On Amazon, in Wikipedia, and other places all over the web, clicking on these 'cue' links will immediately search through MCNY resources to try to find the book or article.

Don't Give Up!

A note: clicking the autolink may not immediately bring you to a MCNY item. If it doesn't, try all the search options LibX provides. And always remember, MCNY librarians are eager to help, through chat, phone, or email.

Ask A Librarian

Click here to chat.

You can also reach us by email:

Or phone:

212-343-1234 Ext. 2001