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LibX 2.0 For MCNY: Are You Off Campus?

A guide to installing and using the the LibX 2.0 browser add-on, which allows quick search and easy access to MCNY Library resources.

How to Access MCNY Library Material From Home

You can always access MCNY e-materials (journal articles, e-books) from inside the library, or on campus. But what about when you want to do your work from home, or from another off-campus? Can you still access MCNY materials then?


By using your Moodle/Self-Service username and password, and something called a proxy server, MCNY students can access library e-materials from anywhere with an Internet connection. And LibX makes that easier too!

Accessing The MCNY Proxy Through LibX

You can always search the library catalog, or the library journal list, even when you're not logged in. But when you find an article you need to look at, LibX provides two ways to log in and see it.

1) Through The Toolbar

Click on the red MCNY icon, and then click on "Proxies" on the lefthand menu. If you click on "Reload Page With This Proxy", it will take you to this page:

Log in as instructed, and you should be able to access your material.

2) Right Click Menu

When you right-click on any webpage, you'll see an option to "Reload Page via MCNY LIbrary Access"; clicking on that will take you to the proxy page, as seen above.

Good luck with your searching!