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LibX 2.0 For MCNY: More Useful Features

A guide to installing and using the the LibX 2.0 browser add-on, which allows quick search and easy access to MCNY Library resources.

Helpful MCNY Library Links

If you need to find other MCNY library pages, such as the FAQ page, research guides, or library tutorials, you can do that through LibX as well. Just click on the red MCNY icon, and look on the left side of the menu:

Click on any one of these links to return to the desired library page.

Google Scholar: The Drag and Drop

Sometimes, you may be reading something on a webpage, or other document in your web browser. They'll mention another author, or article, or book. And you'll want to learn more; either find the paper itself, or others like it. LibX can help you with that.

Simply highlight the information you want, click on it, and drag it directly on to the LibX button. Watch this short video for a demonstration:

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

It will automatically open a Google Scholar search screen for you. This can lead you to many other connected and useful resources.


ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) are numbers given to nearly all books published, to make them unique. If you find any web pages about books that include these numbers (Amazon, Wikipedia, and others), hover over that 10 or 13 digit number using your mouse:


LibX will search our catalog for the book, and if we have the book, it will tell you exactly where in the library it is, and the call number you'll need to use to find it.