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APA Citation Style: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


 What font or typeface am I supposed to use?

  • For the text of your paper, use a serif font, such as Times New Roman.
  • For headings of tables, use a sans-serif font, such as Arial.

    How do I cite a video or DVD?

    • You need the following information (if it exists): Producer(s), Director, Year, Title of the picture, Medium (VHS, DVD, Motion picture, etc.), Location, Studio.
    • In the first example, the Studio is the same as the Producer.  Much like a book that has the same author and publisher (e.g., National Institutes of Health), use the name as the author, and where the publisher information goes in the citation, simply put the word Author.
    • The third example is of a movie seen in the movie theater, rather than on a DVD or VHS or other format.

    FITNE (Producer). (2005). Nurse thorists portraits of excellence: Florence Nightingale life
         and work
    [DVD]. United States: Producer.

    Chaffin, C., Kennedy, K., Marshall, F. (Producers), & Fincher, D. (Director). (2008). The
         curious case of Benjamin Button
    [DVD]. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures.

    Barron, D., Heyman, D. (Producers), & Yates, D. (Director). (2009). Harry Potter and the
         half-blood prince
    [Motion picture]. United Kingdom: Warner Bros. Pictures.


    How do I cite someone who is citing someone else (a secondary source)?

    It is always best to site the original source of any work.  Therefore, if you are using a source that cites another source - find that original source.  However, if that is not possible for some reason, this is how you cite a secondary source -

    Text citation:

    Primary source (as cited in Secondary Source Author, Year) ...

    Laurel and Hardy's study (as cited in Ono & Lennon, 1979) ...

    Reference Citation:

    Cite ONLY the secondary source in the reference list, as this is the only source you actually used.

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