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Audrey Cohen and the History of MCNY: Home

A sampling of writings by Audrey Cohen, the school's founder, and information about the history of MCNY and Purpose Centered Education.

Writings By Audrey Cohen

Viewing the Archives

What is in the Archives of the Women’s Talent Corps – College for the Human Services and Audrey Cohen College? They contain material associated with the College and its founder, Audrey Cohen. The Archives tell the story of a school deeply committed to social reform & activism. The archive contains material produced between 1966 and 1995. To make an appointment to view the Archives, email the MCNY Library.

Writings about Audrey Cohen and the College

More Writings

Published in Public Service Employment: An Analysis of its History Problems and Prospects, eds. Alan Gartner, Russel A. Nixon and Frank Riesnman, Prager, 1973.